Sydney East Pancreatic Centre

Sydney Pancreatic Centre

What is the Sydney pancreatic centre?

The Sydney pancreatic centre is a multidisciplinary group of doctors, nurses and allied health specialists who work together in a collaborative environment to achieve the best possible results for patients with pancreatic conditions. This may be in an outpatient or inpatient setting at one of our hospitals or in the associated clinics or consulting rooms. As our specialists work in several different departments and locations across our campus, individual contact points can be made. However, the collaborative effort to provide high quality patient centred care, improved outcomes and cutting-edge research is based around our high volume multi-disciplinary MDT.

Where is the Sydney pancreatic centre?

The Sydney pancreatic centre is located at our Randwick campus in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The centre includes the prince of Wales Public Hospital, The prince of wales private Hospital, the Nelune comprehensive cancer centre and the Lowy Institute at The University of New South wales.

The Sydney Children’s Hospital and the Royal Hospital for women are co-located at our campus.

How do I contact the Sydney pancreatic centre?

Visit our contact us page to request an appointment or view the individual contact details of our specialists.

Who should I contact?

For new patients much of the work up and arranging of diagnostic tests is performed by our 4 specialist surgeons and 2 specialist oncologists. Your GP or current doctor may be able to guide you through the process of getting a referral to the most appropriate physician or surgeon.

Sydney Pancreatic Centre website

This website is a resource for patients and families to find out more about pancreatic disease. We hope that you will find information about your condition and the treatments that may be required. We aim to provide information free from jargon and while the information provided is not comprehensive, we hope it can provide some answers. While we do provide the contact details and information regarding our team members this website is not about us, it is about you.

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