Sydney East Pancreatic Centre



Cancer Survivorship Centre at Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick

The purpose of the Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Survivorship Centre is to optimise the health and wellbeing of people living with and beyond cancer. 

The Centre engages all who are impacted by cancer as empowered partners and integrating evidence-informed and evidence-generating care to deliver a patient-centred, cost-effective, sustainable and innovative cancer survivorship program

The program will focuses on prevention, surveillance for recurrence, monitoring and intervention for the physical and psychosocial effects of cancer and cancer treatment. 

The Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Survivorship Centre will be located in the Medical Superintendent’s Cottage, adjacent to the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

Constructed in 1867, the Superintendent’s Cottage is of historical significance as part of the former Destitute Children’s Asylum. The site demonstrates an uninterrupted progression of history from the operation of the orphanage in the mid-19th century, then as a military hospital and repatriation hospital during the early 20th century and later as part of the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Patients come not only from Sydney metropolitan area, but the Centre also services cancer patients from all over the state. Our cancer survivors are at increased risk for serious long-term morbidity related to the adverse physical, psycho-social and economic burden of cancer and cancer treatment, for a significant period of time beyond diagnosis and treatment.

Suite 713, POWP Hospital, Barker St
Randwick NSW 2031