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Dr Wenchang Wong

Dr Wenchang Wong

Dr Wenchang Wong

Dr Wenchang Wong is a Radiation Oncologist who specialises in cancer treatment using radiation therapy. After graduating from the University of NSW with BSc(Med) MBBS degree he began his residency and radiation oncology training at The Prince of Wales Hospital. He became a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists in 2006 followed by his appointment as a senior radiation oncologist at The Prince of Wales Hospital, The Mater Hospital and St Vincent’s Clinic.

After his training, Wenchang spent time abroad as a post-doctoral research fellow at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, USA in the field of radiation translational research.

Wenchang has clinical interests in many tumour types and he is the chair and co-chair of several multidisciplinary cancer clinics.

Wenchang has a special research interest in emerging radiation techniques for the treatment of cancer to improve patient outcomes. He is an active researcher in the specialised technique of stereotactic body radiotherapy for malignancies in various anatomical sites. He is a scientific committee member of a national trial utilising stereotactic body radiotherapy for metastatic cancer to the lungs. He has presented research results both nationally and internationally.

Wenchang also has a special interest in quality of care with chair positions in peer review and quality assurance meetings. He is actively involved in medical education and previously held the role of director of training for the radiation oncology advanced trainees.

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